Ask the Butler of DEATH
Ooooooo weird dirty way you can get Sebastian or Will! You should cover with leaves and hope one of them fall in! (Margaret Cho stand up)

-sighs- I’ve already tried that.  I was hiding in a bush hoping Sebas-chan would fall in but he jumped over it found me and kicked me into my own whole.

Well sadly I haven't seen Undertaker eyes... :(

Well you haven’t lived until you’ve seen them <3

The ‘yes or no’ game.


You can ask me anything and I’ll answer honestly, but only with yes and no.

This should prove to be rather amusing for the day. Ask away..
Hi Hi! My dearest Grell, I love you so much. :D You're are quite funny and very pretty! I love your long red hair the most. In future I hope to cosplay you. :) (Ew I'm fan-girling) Now to my question, who do like the most...? Well put them in order from greatest to least. William, Sebastian, Undertake, & Claude (cool background by the way)

Thank you deary its always wonderful to meet a fan of mine.  Now lets see…This is a hard one?  How am I supost to choose between my Sebas-chan and my Will?

1. Will <3

2. Sebas-chan

3. Undertaker

4. Claude

Will and Sebas-chan can be reversable and I’d choose Undertaker over Claude anytime.  I mean just look at Undertakers EYES~<3

oh my who are you and why are you so handsome? I love what you've done with your hair

I could say the same for you?  Your hair is amazing to.  What kind of products do you use for it?

-He tilts his head to the side-"Is it true that you try to have sex with every demon and that you keep count of those you have done it with under your mattress?"-The boy said with a raised eyebrow-

No no I think you have it mixed up.  I only have my heart set on one demon and that is my darling Sebas-chan <3 (but it is true that i make a move on him everytime i see him)


Grelliam pictures by Puppet-Girl86 part 1

Does anyone even come on this thing anymore?

I do but it seems like no one else does